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This super light weight oil is a mix of organic oils, pure herbs, and protein. This product contains bamboo and horsetail extracts which makes it silica rich. Silica is thought to improve hair growth speed and strength while potentially reducing dandruff. It helps to soothe the scalp and remove product and dead skin buildup. Signal 4 Hair and Scalp Oil is safe on natural, relaxed, braided, dreaded, weaved, and color treated hair. It is safe for children and can be used on all hair textures. These oils contain n mineral oil, petroleum, or alcohols. available in four scents: WIld, Bamboo, Lavender Creme and Rosemary Mint.



Shake well to blend contents

apply directly to the scalp and/or hair, then massage lightly once of twice a day. If applied to the hair, brush to evenly spread and coat all strands.

Hair and Scalp Oil

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