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Our balms help to promote healthy hair growth, while also nourishing and hydrating the skin underneath. It helps to reduce dryness and itchiness, leaving your beard feeling soft and shiny. With light and fresh scents, our balms will help you achieve the perfect look every day. Signal 4 Beard Balms are perfect for all types of beards, from stubble to full-length beards, and will keep you looking groomed and styled all day. Get tamed and try Signal 4 Beard Balms today!

Scents are a signature blend of essential oils:

1800 Black: Vanilla, Cedar, Patchouli and Honey

Black Gold: Oud, Tobacco, and Black Pepper

Bombay: Sandalwood, Bay Rum and Patchouli

Brimstone: Sandalwood, Bourbon, Butterscotch, and Black Coffee

Citrus Spice: Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Clove, Mugwart, Lavender Creme; Vanilla, Neroli and Lavender

Obsidian: Black Currant and Absinthe Premier: Vanilla, Sweet Tobacco, Teakwood, Cedarwood, and Black Currant

Simply Wanted: Mahongany, Teakwood, Egyptian Musk, Vanilla, and honey

Wild: Sweet Tobacco, Bay Rum, Patchouli, and Teakwood

Beard Balm

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