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products that look good,  

and smell good.



Benefits of  Ingredients

The oils used in Signature 4 products were chosen for their hair and skin loving properties. 

Mango butter melts and is quickly absorbed, it nourishes hair and skin.

Moringa Oil stimulates hair growth, helps skin retain moisture and prevents inflammation and flaking.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps hair to grow fuller and thicker, seal split ends, detangle hair and reduce acne.

Jojoba oil composition is similar to skin's natural oil, sebum. It's easily absorbed and moistures hair and skin.

Sweet Almond Oil fights bacteria and helps to clean dirt and oil from pores as it penetrates the skin. Helps to rejuvenate dead skin cells.

About Me.

I am a mother, daughter and law-enforcement officer; and now, the proud owner of a small business. I am extremely excited that I have this opportunity to share my passion of crafting quality products that nourish and moisture hair and skin with you. I believe skin and hair care products should leave you looking moisturized, not greasy and healthy with a lustre , but not shiny; and I personally created every Signature 4 scent to be mild and refreshing without suffocating the wearer or passersby.  Lastly, I think calling these products Skin and Hair Balms and Oils would be more accurate as they're not just for beards... These products are for every person with hair or skin or nails (everybody), so don't get to caught up on the categories.

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